Your Facebook Has Ears

fbKnow what an EULA is? Maybe not but if you have Facebook, especially on your phone, then you might want to know that Facebook is listening to everything around you when the app is open.  You agreed to Facebook this intrusion when you checked that box when you downloaded FB to your phone.  So…it’s kinda your fault.  (haha)

Facebook says they are not doing it for their advertisers, they’re doing because they want to make things easier for you.  How? Facebook is supposed to be listening to TV shows and perhaps music that’s around you.

Don’t freak out too much.  You can actually stop Facebook listening in by restricting your phone’s microphone.  Its easy to turn off.  The bad part, you’re going to need the microphone if you want to do a Facebook Live event or record something with sound.    Most FB users affected are only in the United States, but I would imagine we would see this spread worldwide if FB deems it useful.

The Social Media site says they don’t keep data from your conversations on its servers…so, where does it go then? No answers there. microphone-with-wire_318-43131

Here’s how to turn off your microphone: On an iPhone go to the Settings, then to Privacy then Microphone and switch off access. On an Android, goto Settings, then Privacy and change the permissions the Facebook app is given so that it can’t access microphone data.

Are you worried that Facebook is listening in on your conversations?


Rock forth, Mitch

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