Who (or what) is a RUF/NEK?

You see them at every OU Football Game.  You definitely know about them when you see the famous Sooner Schooner take the field whenever the home team scores.  What you probably don’t know is who and what exactly they are.

They are the RUF/NEKS.  A group of 20+ Male OU Students whose mission is to maintain the high energy and spirit of the Sooners alive during the games.  They do so with the Horse-drawn Conestoga wagon, shotguns, and those paddles tightly wrapped around their arms.

There is some deep tradition that is involved in every “BOOMER SOONER” fight song/cry from the organization. Built on being rowdy, showing spirit and strong traditions with unusual beginnings, including the group’s name itself.  The RUF/NEKs are a one-of-a-kind organization that no other school can rival, and hasn’t since the group started in 1915.

Hundreds apply every year, only about 20 or so make it. Find out what it takes to be a RUF/NEK.

For more information on the RUF/NEKs, visit www.ou.edu

Rock forth, Mitch

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