Blonde Ambition and Going Old School TV

It’s always fun to look back. Especially when you look as goofy as I did with my Billy Idol Starter Kit hair color and cut.

This pretty much went down as you see it.  When doing satellite interviews, the one being interviewed has an earpiece and they can hear what you’re saying.  There is usually a delay but, still, they can hear you.  Before the interview goes live, the equipment is checked to make sure both can hear each other.  Check.

Granted, let’s say that didn’t happen (which it did), you would think that when being interviewed, you would stop for one second to allow the interviewer an opportunity to make a comment. Well, that didn’t happen.  Nevertheless, it all made for a great segment that will go down in the annals of blooper history.

Circa 2002. Enjoy.

Rock forth, Mitch

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