(No)Net Flicks Netflix?

netflix-logoHeard some good news that I am sure those who travel a lot would appreciate.  Netflix announced today that to download select TV shows and movies from the service.  What that means to you is that if you’re like me and wanting some video entertainment while traveling, you can now download a show and watch it when you don’t have an internet connection, like in an airplane or taking the kids cross-country in the car.  You’ll be able to watch it offline without having to use WiFi.

Right now, you’re going to notice a button to download on Android and iOS apps.  Don’t get too excited, because as I mentioned in the first sentence, it’s only going to be available for select content… more than likely, the content owned by Netflix like “Narcos” or any of those new Adam Sandler movies he did for the streaming service.

I’m pretty excited about it, having the advancements like this from Netflix means they are moving forward.  They also mentioned that more titles will be made available for download soon.

Wanting to know what your download speed? Click here to check out this article I posted a while ago about this free service.

Update: Upon further review, the amount of content you can download from Netflix is quite extensive! WTG NF!!

Rock forth, Mitch

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