Classic B&W

Life in black and white. Certainly, life has to have some grays. It’s cool. When you begin working on yourself, you find yourself. Appreciate black and white. Then you’ll find the expressive colors are only what they want you to believe and they’re nothing more than just a slight of hand trick. The same will suppress you to their line of thinking, or at least the thinking and constraints they want to keep you under, all to make you think you’re miserable. Play into that if need be, let them believe their own hype, but don’t give up. Don’t stop evolving. Letting people attach weight to their own deflating noise only puffs me up because they don’t know with what they are dealing. So, I choose to choose and you should too.
Choose to let go of the corpulent albatross dangling from your neck and garner a new carcanet that symbolizes what’s most important to you. I’m black and white with those shades of gray. As the power of discernment is an unyielding generator of where I want to be. I choose to reinvent myself. I am my brand. I’m rebranding. My style is my holy writ.
I got the moves, kid.
-Mitch English, 2017

Rock forth, Mitch

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