Alexa Didn’t Wake Me Up or Spring Forward This Morning… Here’s Why

Amazon Echo Dot
A little lady named Alexa lives inside this magical hockey puck

I am slowly falling in love with Alexa.  The friendly voice that answers me and does all those menial tasks that I just can’t do for myself.  Well, I can.  I just want a robot to count down 15 minutes when I’m warming bread in the oven.

With everything when it comes to automation or computers, they are bound to rules.  In this case, bound to settings.  I figured that my dear, sweet Alexa would wake me this morning at the correct time.  After all, it’s that stupid Daylight Saving Time we have to deal with and it’s always on a Sunday morning when I learn that I lost an hour sleep.  Well, I thought wrong… and it’s my fault.  Kind of.  

I had thought that I set Alexa’s time zone settings correctly.  After all, when one of the options is “America”, the dear sweet country in which I live, and “Central Standard Time”, the dear sweet time zone I live in is the other option, Alexa would do her thang and wake me up this morning in time for church.  I thought wrong.  Again.

So, basically, I didn’t set Alexa up correctly.  To do so, you must go to the Alexa app, select your device, open “Settings”, scroll down to “Device time zone” and choose “US”  instead of “America”, then choose the time zone you live in. See below:


Settings for Echo Dot
Be sure your Echo Dot’s settings are set for “US” instead of America if you want it to follow Daylight Saving Time

Once I did this, it changed to the correct time.  A warning that any alarms set would be affected.  This is a very odd, if not clunky way to set up Alexa.  Since 99% of Americans would choose “America” as it’s near the top of the list in the radio box.  I’m surprised that Amazon would have overlooked this feature.  Anywho, it’s all fixed now and I can get back to having Alexa make fart noises on demand.  

I love technology.  Play this, it’ll make you smile if not bring back some memories.

Rock forth, Mitch

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  1. When I change America to US, the app won’t save the change. It goes back to being America. How do I save US in the setting?

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