You know you have a problem when…

you have to purchase another phone to take out on you “night out on the town” just so you won’t lose your “good” phone… you know you’ve got a problem.  Or do you?

That’s what more and more people are doing and I am not sure if its waste or actually a good idea.  They buy those new prepaid $10 phones you can get at a 7-11 and have their regular number forwarded to it.  They want to leave their iPhones or Androids at home. I think this all goes to the notion that we are a disposable society.  Can you imagine back in the 90s thinking you could have TWO cellys just so you won’t lose your good one? Awesome.

The “drunk phones” should be a good idea if you are apt to drunk dial those you love or REALLY LOVE when you’re inebriated.  You don’t have their number in the drunk phone so no worries on calling.  It’s quite the sign of the human behavior times.

Tell me your thoughts. Would you purchase a “drunk phone”?  Is this waste or a good idea?  Is it pathetic that you’re at the point of having TWO phones because of partying?  DO TELL!

Rock forth, Mitch

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  1. Actually, M-Train thinks it’s smart. A night of fist-pumping good clubbing can result in a lost phone, which could cost as little as $100 to replace if you’re insured, and more than $400 if not. So, then, it seems obvious that a $10 phone and a $20 airtime card is a wise investment, because anything can happen in the clubbing scene, from losing your phone while grinding with that hot chick, or having your phone stolen from some mook who reaches into your pocket while you’re kickin’ it to some fly honey.

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