We only part to meet again

Hey Gang,

After 10 years with a little breakfast show called The Daily Buzz, the time has come for me to move on.   I’ve been with the show since day one, and I’ve been forecasting weather on TV for 17 years.  It’s time for me to try something new.   (Plus I didn’t want to become that creepy old guy in the corner at the party.)

I can’t express enough how much I appreciate the fans who tune in the show.  The support I’ve received through the years humbles me, and to know that people accept me for who I am makes me feel like all warm and fuzzy inside.  I’ve striven to be “real” on-air, and given the many facets of my personality, it’s a thrill to know you’ve been cool enough to let me in your home every weekday morning.

So if you’re wondering what I’m going to do, here’s the deets:  I’m following my passion for tech and gadgetry and will be an “on-air tech expert” on major television stations and TV shows throughout the nation… including The Daily Buzz!  So you’ll still see me pop up from time to time, just not doing the weather.

I’m really going to miss my co-workers at The Daily Buzz.  With this great opportunity comes a departure from my friends. When you do something every weekday morning, your job turns into your family and it’s going to be hard not seeing them every day.  To those who gave me the opportunity to act like a goofball (I’ve always called them “The Suits”), I thank them immensely.  To those who stood against me (Mandy Patankin), they know what they did.  The Daily Buzz took a chance with me, and it worked.  I’m indebted to them.  I’m also really happy that I’ll now get to spend more time with my biggest supporters – my wife and kids.  (I’m not sure if that’s good for me or bad for them!)

So, there ya have it.  I could ramble on and on — some would say like usual — but less is more.  I knew there will be a lot of questions, so I hope this post answers them.

By the way, if you hear a rumor in six months that I had to get a job DJ’ing at a club called “Sugar’s”…  don’t be so quick to dismiss it.   …And so.™

Update: December 2013 – I am now the Executive Producer for Good Morning San Diego at KUSI-TV

Update: January 2017- I am now the co-host of Living Oklahoma at FOX 25 in OKC

Thanks and I’ll See Ya When I Look At Ya,

Rock forth, Mitch

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88 Comments on We only part to meet again

  1. Thank you for making all my weekday mornings getting ready for work a huge pleasure. You are truly missed. Looking forward to your Daily Buzz drop ins.

  2. Mitch, you were the reason I fell in love with The Daily Buzz… well, you and Andrea, but I think I just plain fell in love with her. ANYWAY, it will be heartbreaking to know you’re no longer on the team, but I fell bigger and better things are yet to come. Folks in your industry should take lessons from you – your work ethic, your personality, your charm and your humor. I appreciate all the times you reached out to me, and it was an honor to be on the air with you, even if by Skype. As the Emporer said to young Anakin Skywalker, “We’ll be watching your career with great interest!” …well, maybe that’s not the best analogy, but oh well. Wishing you nothing but the very best in life.

    Yer pal,

    Mark Walters

  3. Hey Mitch,

    The same chance someone took on you, you took on me. You booked me on my first real talk show and I was a wreck. You were very kind to me and GOT ME and let me do what I do. I will never forget how generous you were and that you actually returned my e mails. As a fellow comic it is great to see such support from a very funny guy. I wish you the best and know whatever you touch will turn into comedy gold, whether you like it or not!!!!



  4. Best Luck with your new endeavor. So what is the beef with Mandy Patinkin? Why do you always misspell his name? (Patankin, Patakin).

  5. Sorry to see you leave The Buzz…you made that a fun and informative show. Best wishes for your future endeavors, Mitch!

  6. Thanks Mitch for the great mornings of waking up to you, always a bright spot to start your day off. Please know that you will be truely missed.

  7. Mitch, My man!
    Is it because I no longer have cable? It was only going to be until I got settled in at my new home…jeez, I lose sight of you for a few weeks, and man, you are gone! You ARE the best I have ever seen. A natural. I am glad to hear I will see you from time to time on the boob tube, but it is only fitting that I can constantly find you online, since I am, myself, constantly online. You were the BUZZ. So, they now need to rename the show, The Daily. I know you will succeed in all your endeavors.

  8. Mitch you and Andrea made this show what it is today. I have been a faithful viewer since day one. I like Andy’s personality, however if Andrea now left, the show would cancel in no time. Good Luck see ya round.

  9. I will miss you and having coffee with you in the morning. All of you, especially “you” was what actually made the show.

    Love you and I know your wife and family will be so blessed to see you more. You have a beautiful family.

    Stay in touch, Now still be my fb friend ok.

    Loads of love and best wishes.


  10. Even though I am old (Senior Citizen) I have watched the Daily Buzz since the Columbus Ohio days and continue to follow Clayton’s career. I will watch where you pop up next and appreciate you, Andy and Andrea being such a fresh face on my mornings. Can not get into the new hosts so I just drink my Mountain Dew on the way to work earlier. Best of Everything!

  11. I want the truth!! Quit being so nice — what the he’ll is going on — is Andrea leaving too? I saw Andy leave this morning … I say you four call CBS and take Kelly’s spot, or better yet … You guys take over The Talk table!

  12. My husband and I are in our mid 70’s and have enjoyed watching THE DAILY BUZZ since day 1 in Dayton, Ohio. We are very disappointed in the drastic change and feel that we have been betrayed as all of you have been. This is another decision made by someone in the glass ceiling that doesn’t understand the normal people out there. Thanks for all the entertainment and hope to see you again. Sue & Ron

  13. Mitch, I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time. I wish you all the success on your next journey. Remember to stop and smell the roses. If your ever Dothan, stop at Camping World RV Sales and say hi. Semper Fi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Loved starting my day on the lighter side of the news with you guys in the morning. Going to miss you all. Didn’t watch TV this morning, just went for a walk.

  15. Okay, Mitch. I loved your moments on the show as well as the others. I tune in to see four new people around a different table and felt instantly annoyed. After twenty minutes I realized…I was angry. First off, tell these folks to learn to read a teleprompter. I’m. watching eyes shift more than a Wimbledon match. These new people lack the proper Mitchology. I will say I’m done with The Daily Buzz. The personality is gone and that’s what I tuned in for. I miss you guys, especially you, Mitch. You made my mornings, and years of them I might add, a fun and energetic start that carried me through the day. I wish you. well and hope you prevail in your endeavours. Best wishes Daily Buzz originals! I’ll miss you.

  16. Hey Mitch I’ve been watching you and the other guys for so long and I’ve appreciated all the laughs and enjoyment I got in the mornings watching you guys . I honestly am not even interested in watching as much as I user to . Just not the same . I thought everything was working fine but I guess producers felt they needed new spice and looks the same as all of the other morning shows have been doIn lately from what I notice… But I’ll still look out for ya. Take it easy and wish you the best Mitch your personality, realness, non scripted appearances will be truly missed

  17. Having a hard time watching the new group they stuck on this morning………………..What a huge let down to one of the best shows and casts around…
    You are where you are supposed to be!!! You will move on to experience and have a rewarding career and will always be admired for saying and doing what you truely believed. Good Luck and stay true to yourself….You will always have a following your such a entertaing and funny guy*

  18. Had a hard time watching the new crew they stuck on this morning turned them off within 3 minutes………..
    Remember That You are exactly where your supposed to be!
    Good Luck and stay true to yourself,you have a Huge following and bigger things are in your future!!!


  19. You brought joy to early morning tv making me laugh often YOU & THE CREW ARE MISSED The new buzz crew is crap how sad I will now watch jtv lol

  20. I watched u from the start here n dayton.i don’t care for the new cast, so i will move on as well.I’d like to hear from the rest of the cast, but i can’t find much on line.good luck

  21. In the summer months, when there is no school, I can sleep in a bit. The morning news is not part of my daily routine. Today, I am up early, getting high schoolers off to band camp and tennis. I turned on CW here in Dayton, looked at Daily Buzz, and thought…..WTH?!

    Thank you for writing this so I at least have a clue. Can’t say I’m happy or that I’ll keep tuning in (I was also with you from the start when you were here in Dayton), but at least I don’t feel like I’m having a bad coffee trip.

    Best wishes in your new endeavors!

  22. Good Luck Mitch in your new endeavor! I think it’s wonderful that you are trying something new in your life
    and what an adventure it will be. You did an awesome job on The Daily Buzz and will be missed by many! Best of luck
    and happiness to you always!

  23. Hey MItch you and are the one who made that show I would wake up early for work everyday just to see you and the other crew now I can’t stand to watch any more the show just isn’t the same any more I wish u the best on your new path and hope to see u again soon

  24. I could not believe my eyes when I turned on the WDHN TV 18 news on Tuesday and lo and behold there you were. It seems like I’ve known you most of my life. From WTVY-TV, morning radio show with Tom Nebel, to The Daily Buzz and now back home! It sure is great to see your face back in the Wiregrass. Thanks so much for all of the great, funny and memorable times!

  25. Your were the steady constant. Been working nights only to tune in every few weeks, and today find out the whole show has been revamped.
    I’ve watched the show tool around with hosts replacing the lead guy about 5 times. This new cast seems out of place and over confidant.
    Good luck and hope to see ya back on local, or national TV soon.

  26. Mitch

    I have been watching you for years. I can remember when I first started watching the daily buzz, you told a lot of jokes but it seemed you only told redneck jokes and used a goofy southern accent when you told them and I almost tuned out of the Daily Buzz. It seems like you were hitting home with the jokes.

    I have always been a jokester and I enjoyed the jokes but didn’t want to be stereotyped with all the redneck jokes, so I decided to comment on the website.

    I decided to have some fun so I wrote with something like, the hillbilly jokes are really funny but why don’t you tell some Fat Boy jokes or maybe some black or polish jokes, I’m sure they would like to hear them.
    I thought that I would have some fun so I signed it (printed it), Ray Stevens. I thought that it would be funny comeing from someone that told Redneck jokes.

    Anyway the format did change a little after that and you started telling a varity of jokes and your accent seemed to improved (lol) on the redneck jokes. What I’m trying to say is that I became a hugh fan of your and the crew. It’s like StarTrek all over, they have replaced Captain Kirk. (:

    Beat of Wishes
    RRN Phillip Lane, Sevierville tn.

  27. Hey Mitch. It’s JC, wasn’t sure if you’d remember me from when the Buzz was in Dayton. Just wanted to say the show isn’t the same without you but good luck with your new path.

  28. Mitch you made the show. My morning routiene always included the “daily buzz”.. Until now. It’s sad to see you go and I hope u prosper in your future endeavors.

  29. Well Mitch, I know the real story of why you left the Buzz. It was so you could pursue your dream of becoming the world’s greatest, umm… Okay I forgot what I was going to say but it was like pretty funny. At least to me and the other three people who live inside my head. Which reminds me. Remember that show Herman’s Head? That was a good show, I can’t find it anywhere and I want to see it again. So anyway, miss seeing you on the Buzz. Watching weather reports without you is like seeing dark clouds, hearing thunder, seeing lightning, but with no rain, no water for thirsty plants and trees, no moisture on dry skin, no cleansing of the dusty roads which carry us from town to town, and no flash flooding. The good kind of flash flooding, you know, the kind that carved sculptures in the desert. So I guess I’ll have to resort to YouTube videos to get my morning Mitch fix.

  30. You and the rest of the crew will be missed and we will miss the show every morning we have lost all desire to watch now that it looks like clones and we too had been watching you and Andrea since day one we wish all of you the best and thank-you for all of the great mornings. We still feel there is more to all of you leaving at the same time I guess we will never know maybe the suits I however have a diferent name I would call them a great show has been ruined. We wish all of you the best in your new adventures and thank-you again. Forrest and Lorie Richmond Hamilton Montana

  31. Well, apparently I haven’t been watching the show the past few weeks…. I got such a rude awakening this morning when I tuned into The Daily Buzz and recognized NO ONE. I’m so incredibly bummed you’re no longer on the show! You were my favorite!

    Good luck with your new gig. Do you ever do stand-up anymore?

  32. Mitch, I sure miss you and the other host. I to have watched you since you all were in Ohio. I just loved you all. Then I turned on the Buzz the other morning and had all new host. I was not pleased. You all just made the news so intersting. It was nice to see so younger news people. I will miss you and the rest of them. You use to make me crack up when you all were in Ohio. I even had my mother watching you all when I was down in Florida visiting her. Good luck to all of you. Are you and Andy still doing Big & Tall comedy?

  33. What a shock. I was flipping channels this a.m. and found the Daily Buzz. I was horrified. Sorry to see all of you gone and put me with the ones not to watch the buzz anymore.
    Best of luck in your endeavors


  34. Hi Mitch.

    You made the show each morning. Now i just cant watch it! I will continue to watch for u and become a new viewer of whatever show u are on. I pray for more blessings than u can imagine!!

    Miss ya

  35. You’ll be sadly missed. Having watched The Daily Buzz when it first started in Ohio. It was fun and real. Now it feels fake like every other news show. Your whole crew back then made you want to watch the news because you never knew what crazy antics would ensued. I also give you a huge thanks for wearing my clothing line on air. When my local news wouldn’t even do a story on me, you would wear my stuff on air!
    Your the best Mr. English and I wish you the best in whatever you do in life.

  36. Thanks for letting us know we were upset. Your Awesome, glad your doing the best for you & your family. We will be watching & hope we see you soon . You were a breath of fresh air. We love your personality.

  37. Mitch u sux, I started watching the buzz because of ur quirky ways and personality and now ur gone. We all miss u so much and as for u poppin in and out of the ( new boring buzz), wellllll I musta been on a potty break cuz I didn’t see ya. So happy for ur new life changes but u still sux cuz we all miss u so much. It’s just not the same without u!

  38. Mitch, YOU are truly a bright spot in a murky day.. Moved to Panabama City Beach a few years ago and missed the Daily Buzz terribly…just picked up a new CBS affiliate this past week, and noticed the DB was on….TWILIGHT ZONE…glad to hear you moved on on your own accord…entertainment biz is so fickle…anyhow, thanks for the many many laughs and smiles…Good luck and prosperity to your family!
    Paddy Jo(not a chick…Irish)

    • Mitch my friend
      Hoping you never forget New Mexico! You are like a citizen of Roswell already! It was a pleasure to meet you when you were doing a live feed from the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Just can’t get into the new crew. Even your latina replacement seems to be more concerned about her looks and running for Ms Miami rather than being real. They seem to be there more for show than being themselves …..hopefully they can get over their meism and get to truly like each other…oR THEY might try to co0py the oother 3 networks to survive!
      |Via Con Dios!
      From encantado de la tierra.

  39. I have stopped watching the Daily Buzz since you left, Mitch! It is SUCH a different show without you. You gave us weather along with useful and useless information and laughs everyday. I understand everyone gets to the point when they’re ready to move on but I wanted to say that you are greatly missed. My mornings do not start out as good as they used to. Good Luck; I hope to see you somewhere.

  40. Mitch,
    I have watched you since your early days at WTVY on the Red Holland show. That’s a long time ago. Then you were gone and I found you on the Buzz. I wish you nothing but success in whatever you decide to do.

  41. Mitch,
    I first saw you on WTVY in Dothan,Al on the Red Holland show. Then you left and I later found you on the Buzz. Sorry you are gone but I wish you the best in whatever you do.

  42. Yeah- i was sad and shocked to see you guys go- i watch the new show and they are great people but not quite as funny. I also understand about life changes and letting other people shine, and not being in charge of the world lol. Good luck with everything and above all enjoy you family- thats what its all about 🙂

  43. Mitch, The Daily Buzz is not the same. I still watch it from time to time, however it’s lacking the depth and fresh edge that you and the others brought to the show. I miss your “lightning round” and other silly antics. I hope all is well and that your talents are being utilized.

  44. U were right about real Mitch. That’s a word to describe u. U and the buzz crew, nice to watch y’all versus fake robots. Hate 2 say, but appears the buzz is taking that route now with new crew. BEST WISHES to u m8. Take care.

  45. Noooooo! I miss laughing every morning! I gave been trying and trying to like the daily buzz with all these new faces but its not happening. The “OGs” of the daily buzz are missed greatly. Mitch brought a smile to my face and left me in a good mood every single morning. Thank you for being yourself and for bringing all that you did to the show. You, and the others, are missed greatly!

  46. Thank you for making it easier to get up with the kids in the morning.You are missed.It’s just not the same without you,and Andy. Take care.

    Your fan,Kerry

  47. There are some people in life that are that make a huge impact on peoples lives. You are one of them with your wonderful personality. I wish I had a friend like you to visit regular. You will be missed terribly.

  48. The Daily Buzz is just not the same without you and the rest of the crew!!! Miss you guys tremendously. You all worked so well together it was a joy to watch. I couldn’t wait to wake up in the morning to watch the news. You are greatly missed!!

  49. The daily buzz sucks now with all the new people on it. I enjoyed watching you and Andrea it seemed you both made the show and you are very funny and make people laugh in the morning before work. Going to miss you best of luck with what ever you are going to do

    Thank you

  50. I am so sorry to know you left the show. I have tried and tried to watch it now and I just can’t. There isn’t the humor that all of you had and it is just stupid at times and really boring. I wish you the best in everything that you do. GOOD LUCK.

  51. The Buzz was / is THE worst show I have ever seen. Hope you end up with a much better gig now. Dont know how you roughed through 10 yrs of that as a professional and having to work with such a group of amateur unprofessionals. Happy Trails kid!

  52. Dude your antics were not funny you are not funny at all you little insecure trying to be a little too funny I think Andrea Jackson the only one they had bigger eggs then everybody in the show. I just recently turned the channel to CW.. horrible. you left because you did not fit in there no more

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