Vital Idol

As I write this, I am in West Palm Beach. Getting ready to go to Sunfest. This thing looks like a pretty big deal. What I am most stoked about is the fact that Billy Idol is performing. When I was a kid I was a huge Idol Fan…the guy just rocks. My room was plastered with BI posters, I had all his cassettes, and his was the first concert I ever went to. He’s still rockin’.
I heard some of his new stuff and it sounds like he’s back to his Gen X roots…this should be killer.

Mitch out
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Rock forth, Mitch

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7 Comments on Vital Idol

  1. An Idol fan! Hell YES!!!!! I absolutely loved him as I was growing up. Who didn’t love the eighties, I mean come on. Duran Duran, and a ton of others, but Billy Idol was the best in my eyes.

  2. Now I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been there. I’ve been to Europe several times. Just haven’t traveled that way yet. Texas is awesome! Come out here and say hello. 😉

  3. Dallas! I love it here. The weather and the city is quite nice if you know where to go for the nightlife. You should come here some time. If you or any of the other crew ever come to Dallas I’m so going to come out and meet ya, that is if you’re up for it.

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