Cable companies, Cable Networks and TV stations all like to fight.  Who loses? You.   The latest round of viewing battle is the big Viacom/DirecTV fiasco.  They both failed to reach a new deal on programming fees, which means a blackout of  MTV, Comedy Central and  24 other channels.
This is not the first fight.  Dish Network dropped AMC. Now, had I been a Dish subscriber, I would have gone Fruit Bat Genitalia Crazy.  Breaking Bad is on AMC.  Here’s something really unusual.  Hearst Broadcasting has been in the same feud with Brighthouse Cable inOrlando and other TV markets.  They couldn’t reach a deal so now,

instead of a local NBC channel, we literally get one out of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  Granted, its fun to watch news that I have no interest in watching, I still get the NBC programming so the Olympics will not be missed here in Orlando. (more programming I don’t  have any interest in watching).

DirecTV will no longer give programming to nearly 20 million subscribers nationwide.  Are you one of them? Do you think your bill should be dropped now that channels you subscribed to have been dropped?

Rock forth, Mitch

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2 Comments on TV FIGHT! FIGHT! TV FIGHT!

  1. Yes, the price should go down. I have been a subscriber of DirecTV for 8+ yrs. They’ve gotten into battles before and the problem doesn’t last for long. Didn’t see this one coming. I’m not going to climb in a whole because of those channels. There’s always hulu, right? We’ll give it a while to see if Viacom caves, then complain about price.

  2. This is probably why my parents, living at an IL Veterans home, lost their beloved Chicago Cubs station out of Chicago. They live to watch those games and were heartbroken. And they have not control over it.

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