Turn the Handle to Handling Things

“Leave it at the door.”  I have learn to live with that adage.  However, its probably not the way you think.  Instead of leaving your troubles problems and in certain situations -weapons, I live by the rule of leaving work at the work door.  That way, I don’t have to bring it home to my front door.  I hear stories all the time about how a person “has” to do something at/from home and granted there are always those situations where it warrants.  But if you’re really wanting to be happy in life, you leave your work at the door… when you’re walking out.

I get it, with downsizing, job loads, and a demanding boss, the crap from the place you spend 8-12 hours a day is now finding itself in your living room.  Why not hire out your kids or your wife? Outsource it! Apparently, your workplace has given you the responsibility to have your assignment done.  They never told you that YOU are the one to do it.  And that stress we hear about, why live with it? Your crazy uncle can handle your workload on those TPS reports.  I’m being facetious,of course, but there is a point in your life where you have to decide if you’re cut out to take all the stupid crap and minuscule assignments that your paycheck delivers.   Ask yourself on all assignments: Do they want this good, fast or cheap?  However, they can only pick two.  If you want something good and fast, its not going to be cheap.  If you want something fast and cheap, it won’t be good.  But the last combination, good and cheap,  that’s where you pay attention.  You’ve described your job.

During that 8-12 hours a day did you keep your job simple? Did you plan, plan and then plan? Did you speak up? If you can delegate, did you? Did you do what the job required?  Did you do your best? Answer the majority of these questions with a “yes” and you should have zero guilt.   Look, thats what leaders do. Especially the part of delegation.  It’s called “Objective Management” and Its not handing your job off to another person, its allowing them the opportunity to learn more.  I mean, you can’t just pile on work because you don’t want to do it.  You do what is required of you and if its an over-abundance, then you go for help or just delegate.

Its ok to leave your work problems at work. Honest. Ask any therapist and they’ll tell you the same (wow, imagine if they didn’t.)You just can’t give a lackadaisical attitude about your job. WORK HARD.  WORK SMART. BUT LEAVE IT AT THE DOOR!

Remember, its ok to say no. If you think they are getting an employee that’s good and cheap, then say something.  Then explain that you’ll give them the 8-10 hours a day and you’ll leave it at the door.  Choose your words wisely.   You’re done. Goodbye.  Literally say to yourself out loud “I’m done and I’m headed home”  when you walk out that door. Show’s over.

Rock forth, Mitch

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  1. This is exactly what i have been trying to tell my husband, i just couldn’t explain myself. Thank you for publishing this.

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