Tubed Out

We’re all looking forward to the iPhone’s new iOS 6 that is scheduled to come out soon and we’re looking forward to the new things the handheld device will be able to do for us.  One thing we’ll find absent in the update is a YouTube presence.  Apple has decided to take the YouTube app out of the iOS which means if you have a video you want to check out, you’re gonna have to pop open the Safari browser.

Basically, the deal with Google (who owns YouTube) and Apple has come to an end.  Apple more than likely doesn’t really want it’s competitor’s goods on their phone.  This will lead, of course, to your friends that have an Android to taunt you for another thing they’ve got on their phone and you don’t.   More than likely, you’ll see more Google propaganda out of an Apple project, including the Google search feature.

Apple doesn’t have a video sharing service so I think this will be to a disadvantage to us that do carry the cellular gold.  Apple has always seem to play that way and I’m actually surprised that they didn’t see it coming earlier.

Will this move Android closer to the coveted “must have” phone title? Are you an iPhone or Android user.  Have you ever switched teams?

Rock forth, Mitch

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5 Comments on Tubed Out

  1. Man this really sucks! I have a lot of YouTube videos i post and use YouTube quite often to learn things, teach and for entertainment. I love Apple but I hate this move.. I love Google too I use chrome, google drive, gmail, basically everything google. I hope Apple will let search and chrome as well as other google services stay on the iPhone and iPad. Although that new Galaxy 10.1 with IceCream looks pretty sweet.

  2. your like that comercial im going to quit my job and start a blog did you friend your babysitter on facebook lets just pray you didnt try the skinny jeans

  3. at first when it said say bye I thought it meant you were no longer going to be on the web or something.Then I rwmbered you are just as much a techmo geek as me if not more.

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