Trey Songz

Trey Songz performed and pretty much hung out all morning with us. We had some fun and he was a good sport. I think my son is a big fan of his, so I thought I’d try to seem cool to him by posting this picture. As you can see, I am a nerd and have no rhythm.


Rock forth, Mitch

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  1. hey. I just want to start off by saying i love the daily buzz. It gives me that boost or "buzz" if u will to get me ready for the day. Im watching the show now as i get ready for work and i had to respond to the contraversial employment discrimination topic. I think employers should not be able to refuse an applicant based on their lifestyle choices. I am a smoker and have been for awhile now and not to mention i am a little on the husky side aswell. LOL! Basically what im getting at is what ever happened to the land of the free which we constantly brag about? The way the U.S. and now employers are placing restrictions on things that have become a part of the average Americans daily life. I just dont think its right. Please forgive me if the spelling in this is a little off but its early here and im typing this on my iphone which apparently i need to go get another phone because i learned while watching this show that my phone could explode. 🙁

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