Kinect to a Decent Deal

20 July, 2012

XBOXers can save some cash now that Best Buy is offering a Kinect, though be it refurbished, for $59.99.  Not a bad price considering they run $149 out of the box.  My experience with refurbished Read on & Rock Forth™

Reborn Phones

12 July, 2012

What is old is new again. Reborn.  I think its safe to say that payphones have gone the way of travel agents, the phone book and maps.  But they are not going to waste… anymore. Read on & Rock Forth™


11 July, 2012

Cable companies, Cable Networks and TV stations all like to fight.  Who loses? You.   The latest round of viewing battle is the big Viacom/DirecTV fiasco.  They both failed to reach a new deal on programming Read on & Rock Forth™

Not a Two Ton Tesla…

11 July, 2012

Cool is cool.  Cars are no longer cars.  The much anticipated Tesla Motors’ Model S (Ok, not the 80s hair band Tesla) brings the sports car world to the eco world.  Clean-tech is the next standard in Read on & Rock Forth™

Random Shots from CES

7 January, 2011

Here are some random shots from CES. I know, I know. They aren’t the most awesome shots but I’ve been crammed packed with checking stuff out. Here ya go. I’ll post more later. Former co-host Read on & Rock Forth™


4 January, 2011

Very excited about this week. Each year I have a pilgrimage out west. For 12 years it was the Sundance Film Festival. After my fill of pretentiousness and over-the-top parties with wanna-bes (yours truly included Read on & Rock Forth™

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