Today, I dyed a little…

Look, I’m an old man. I am holding on to the last thread of my youth that I have… my hair. Its about the only thing left that I have from my youth. I had killer hair growing up. I had this dynamic Mohawk when I was in high school. Nice, curly luxurious hair. People loved my hair. They would write about it, crave it, spread rumors of my hair. They would anxiously wait for Mondays to see my hair. In my 20s, they would praise my hair, they fought for the resistance of my hats. My hair was the stuff legends were made of.

Now it’s come to this.

I tried to recapture my youth by bleaching my hair blond. I have done it before, with incredible results. My sister always did my hair and would put up with me telling her that I didn’t like it, and to change it. She always did a good job. That’s not to say that the person who did my hair this time did a bad job. She did a great job. I just have no business making it this color. My youth is gone. I must embrace that 50 will be here soon.

Well, I’ll go with what they call “highlights” next time I’m in the chair. They always look good on me. Soon I will be bald and lead a life of my yearning for days past…Woe is me. Woe is me.

Mitch out.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNo, this is not me.

Rock forth, Mitch

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6 Comments on Today, I dyed a little…

  1. Awww I really liked it. Don’t sweat the ones that said it looked bad. It just has a slightly brassy tint to it. You can alleviate some of that by going to the grocery store and putting on an overcoat of blonde dye. Seriously I do it all the time to my hair when it turns out to be a bit brassy. Just make sure after you do it that you put on a hot oil treatment to prevent your hair from becoming brittle. It looks good Mitch. *hugs you*

  2. Aw.. getting older and having young kids kind of makes you want to try one more time to recapture the “youth” huh? You are not alone. I also have done the hair color thing that I thought would look ok, and it did, IN MY HEAD , not on it. But I think no matter what hair color you have or if ya have any Mitch, your great smile and personality shines way brighter..MsPixxy

  3. I agree with MsPixxy, it’s your personality that makes or breaks a person. Don’t let anybody give you a hard time.Pushing 50…I don’t think so!

  4. Mitch don’t feel bad, my dad has only a ring of hair left in the back of his head. The rest of his head is shiny.

  5. that little hairdresser should be shot. you’ve got a reputation to think about. i love your cute little highlights.signed, your personal sexy stalker

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