Tile – Lose Yourself, Not Your Stuff

It’s happened to all of us: you lose a set of keys, misplace your wallet, or can’t find that one important thing you need need to start your day. Before you send the search party out looking for your lost set of keys, know there’s an app that can help.

It’s called “Tile.” It started out as a crowd funding project that raised over $2.5 million in just pre-orders before it went on the market back in July. The concept is easy… You attach a “Tile” to an item like your keys, your wallet, even a remote control.

When your stuff gets lost, you go to the app to find it.Set up is pretty easy, as the app will walk you through step-by-step. The small, un intrusive device casts a bluetooth signal of up to 100 feet. Press a button on your phone and “Tile’s” distinctive melody will play until your lost item is back, safe in your hands. “Tile” doesn’t use GPS but it will record the last place your phone saw your tile. Once you get back to that area, you can send the signal out to find your missing item.

“Tile” can also rely on a community to find your device. You can tap the “mark as lost ” button to report your lost “Tile.” Once its been found by either you or anyone else that has the tile app, you’ll be notified of the item’s location. “Tile” is water resistant and will run for a year with absolutely zero upkeep. That means there’s no batteries and no charging.

The app itself will support up to 8 tiles, and can be applied to any flat device using the included adhesive. Now, with a price range of $25 for just one, “Tile” could be a little pricey for some.

Rock forth, Mitch

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