The Goat

Ok, so its growing in, but since this is the first time I've grown a Goatee, I am realizing I'm getting old. I'm riddled with gray whiskers. So, since I do it with my hair I'll do it with my facial hair. Whaddya think? ISYWILAY - Mitch

Rock forth, Mitch

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9 Comments on The Goat

  1. It looks absolutely terrible on you. c’mon Mitch, what are you thinking. Listen to your wife and shave that dirty scruffy looking crap off your takes away from your fun loving personna and it looks unclean.

  2. normally i wouldn’t post a response here because i’m a guy, but i need to balance out the negative comments, it looks fine, who cares! so you want a goatee, grow one.

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