The End of an Era

A video you should check out. Brandi and I do what they call “Facebook Promos” that are posted on Facebook and on the Daily Buzz Website. They are usually quick and can offer more time than we would be able to do on-air. Anyway, I suppose we were short of ideas one day and I suggested that Brandi punch me in the gut at the end for really no reason. It became a gag and whenever you saw Brandi and I doing a promo, you knew how it was going to end. Well, now you’re able to see how it’s really going to end.Thanks to producer Brad Miller, here’s what the end result is when you have a weak stomach. Much love to Apollo Creed. RIP . (Pay no mind to my horrible acting);

Rock forth, Mitch

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  1. This page cracks me up. A man with a genius sense of humor, witty repertoire, mad website skills, and isn’t too hard on the eyes, I think we may have found the first Renaissance man of the 21st Century. But enough about me, Mitch is awesome too!!

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