That Airline that I Hate Is Trying Hard to Win Me Back

About 3 years ago I had trouble with a certain airline that we’ll just call “NWA”. Its too long to tell you the story, but the gist of it is me telling the ticket counter agent LaQueesha “you have to get me on this flight”. To which, her response was, and this is a direct quote “I aint gotta do nothing”. Some details to include: 2 hours delayed in Montgomery, Al, changed flight, different tickets, changed gate, no announcement, LaQueesha, last flight of night, hotel, missed working on The Daily Buzz.
Because I was thinking at the time. I wrote down every person’s name I had contact with. When I got back to the show the next day, I told America my story, and left no detail out. I got an email from a very nice flight attendant who told me to write the story out via email. I did so, and she forwarded it on to the president of the company. His secretary writes me back and apologizes and sends along a $200 voucher. Needless to say I never used it.
I have refused to fly this airline. I fly a lot too. Well, this weekend I am on my way to Green Bay, WI. The affiliate there is having me up for some promotional event (I will post pictures next entry) and the booked me on this certain airline…and wouldn’t you know it, its the best flight i’ve ever been on. With the exception of the ticket check in, some ass and his 235 pieces of luggage wouldn’t let me get in front of him.
I was served breakfast! A killer meal! Delicious!!! Free drinks! Priority boarding! I am not kidding here. They are doing to me what I do to people that write me and tell me how I suck and how fat I am: kill them with kindness!!!
I’m also getting my Delta skymiles with this flight, so I can’t complain. Ok NWA…let’s see how the flight back will be…

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Rock forth, Mitch

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2 Comments on That Airline that I Hate Is Trying Hard to Win Me Back

  1. I used to fly a lot for work, and I definitely had my favorite airline. I also had a bad experience on another airline (but not the one you mentioned) and told myself I would never fly with them again. I haven’t yet. Let’s see how long I can make it 🙂

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