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In my opinion, there is NOTHING better for Thanksgiving than a turkey deep fried turkey. I’m telling you here and now, you will NEVER find a better bird on your table.  This isn’t some new fad that I’ve come across.  My brother-in-law introduced me to it years ago.  I’m telling you he made it like no other person in the world could.  I was always afraid to do it only because I figured I would have had to buy one of those huge grease fryers and deal with the mess afterwards.  And if I did wind up getting one, I would have probably only broke it out of the garage once MAYBE twice a year, know what I mean?

This week on the show, John McLemore from Masterbuilt stopped by.  Now, one of the perks of doing a live, three hour morning show is the fact that you get to have chefs come in and they make you unbelieveable food.  John’s penned a new cook book called “DADGUM That’s Good!”.  In it, there’s some phenomenal recipes for some good Southern food.  (John’s from Columbus, GA so we hit it off real well.)  One of those recipes is for deep fried turkey.  His company, Masterbuilt, has the Butterball Turkey Fryer XL.  (I love the XL because that means “big”, I think.  Either way, it sounds cool)  John hung out at the studio all morning long serving up a Turkey bird that was probably the juiciest, softest, and unbelievably great tasting  fowl I have ever eaten. (Sorry mom.  I still love your cookin’.)  Then… THEN… after a bit, they started throwing in some doughnuts.  Well, they were dough and they came out as doughnuts.  Wow.  If my trainer is reading this, you have to understand I was home.  Saturday homemade doughnuts happened about once a month at my house and it was just a fun and tasty thing to do with the family.

While I was vividly living in deep fried gluttony, I traded cooking stories with Alicia who was with Masterbuilt and she also works on their blog.  I was promised a big tour the next time I was in Columbus and I’m gonna take them up on that.

I’m getting a Butterball Fryer and I’m going to try my hand at the deep fryin’ this year.  Stay posted, I’ll post some pics.  And, oh, cross your fingers for me. Though I’m sure the fryer is going to make it plenty easy.  I’m also hoping for a “Dadgum that’s good” from the kids.

Also, check out John’s cookbook on Amazon or

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Rock forth, Mitch

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