The TV I got back in the dawning of HD has made its way to TV Heaven, the same place that the shows like Arrested Development, Seinfeld and The Misfits of Science have gone on to live.  It was a great TV, we shared some good times with it, had some laughs  but perhaps we got a little too close to the Sun.  I have no idea what that means either, but I do know that losing the “big” TV in the house, I have found myself actually enjoying things more than usual.

Look, like most of us, I grew up on TV.  Not like my parents plopping me down in front of it to “babysit” me but rather learning so much about pop culture , how to act cool or what jokes can I talk about the next morning at school with my friends.  I’ll never turn on TV (well, at least my back) when it searches for an audience.  I love TV.  However, I’m HIGHLY considering opting out getting a new one.  I have a certain one that I like.  Great picture, remote control, Hi-Def, and can hook up to the internet to watch movies.  Wait, can’t my computer do the same thing?

With so much content available on the web, why get a 55″ boob tube?  Technology has made it to the point where all we need is one cord into our house an we’re golden. Sales of TVs has been dropping and I wonder if there are others out there that are just like me.  You know, we’re not a Technophobe yet it seems like its a redundancy to have a TV and Computer these days.

What about you? if your main TV blew, would you wait until you replaced it? Are we becoming too “connected?”

Rock forth, Mitch

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