Speed Racin’?

I’m sure anyone reading this has had to deal with a cop at one point in their life.  I’m talking about being pulled over, hearing “the speech” from him and accepting the $300 ticket for going over the speed limit.   I’m also sure you didn’t like doing it and there was some sort of justification for doing what you did.  But is there any of you that think, “c’mon, really?  66 in a 55?”

Now, I’m very thankful for our police officers and I completely realize that they put their life on the line each and every day they put the uniform on.  But aren’t there some laws that should really be under the category of “look the other way?”.  Speeding in particularly.  Going 11 miles over the speed limit on a dry, empty road at 3am really shouldn’t warrant a violation.  An obvious pullover by the police, sure, just so you can hear the speech and let’s face it, to make sure you’re not drunk, driving on a suspended license or you have a warrant for your arrest.

The argument will be that there has to be order in society and 11 miles over the speed limit is breaking the law.  I’m not advocating anarchy, I’m just saying that giving a driver a break would actually put law enforcement in a good light.  It does for me.  I’m always honest when I talk to them. I admit that I was doing something wrong, but I’ve never told them that I’d never do it again… we know that I will. I’ll hear about stats that tell me about how the statistics are higher when driving faster and my rebuttal is what about when I don’t get in a wreck?    To get down to it, getting a ticket is more of  ‘revenue enforcement’ than making it safer on the empty roads.  School zones and neighborhoods are the exception.  There are perdestians and more variables to worry about.

Are there other laws that should be excusable or worth just a warning?  Flashing lights to communicate approaching speed traps? How about alimony laws?  Members of the military under 21 being able to drink?  How about this, what laws SHOULD be enacted?

Rock forth, Mitch

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