Some work I’ve been doing

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Corporate Logo for Fortune 500 company. OK, Fortune 6000. Your thoughts please.

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Rock forth, Mitch

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5 Comments on Some work I’ve been doing

  1. Very nice design, but, can you manipulate it at this point to work well in a black & white environment, i.e., a newspaper ad, for example? What application did you use to create it, and at what resolution was it saved?It looks like a raster image, with the shading around the edges. It would be difficult to create a path around it, to eliminate the white background, for placement on the web or for print. It would always have that white block around it.Fine, fine looking design, though.

  2. nice logo babe. you better get paid the big bucks for the design. you know they can afford it. you logo prostitute you.

  3. Dave, you know your stuff…However, I can put it on any background. I have not tried it in black and white.Thanks for the compliments

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