Rockin and rollin and whatnot

I’m flying to Atlanta right now. I’m on my way back from Knoxville, TN where I was a presenter at the 5th Annual Starjam, a concert with about 7000 in attendance held by star 102.1. It was pretty cool. Everyone in Knoxville is always really nice and down to earth. Before the show I got to interview BOWLING FOR SOUP. You probably know them best for their song “1985.”. Anyway, these guys are some down to earth rockers. The real deal.
I asked Jaret (lead singer) what was part of the success of the band. He replied that it was because they are all still good friends after 11 years of playing together. And it shows on stage. They’re cool, together and they want to make the audience laugh and have fun.
I guess that’s why I think I am a fan of these guys. They’ve paid their dues, they know what the audience wants and they are not a overnight sensation. They didn’t get on a TV show to make them famous, they are not related to anyone famous. They’re just rockin and rollin and whatnot. (yes, that is a Grease reference.)


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Rock on.

Rock forth, Mitch

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