Reborn Phones

What is old is new again. Reborn.  I think its safe to say that payphones have gone the way of travel agents, the phone book and maps.  But they are not going to waste… anymore.

New York City (The greatest city in the world) is doing something about those eyesore payphones that seem to be more effective as a shelter from rain than to make a call.  The Big Apple says they’re starting a pilot program transforming them into free unlimited Wi-Fi kiosks. Me: What a great idea.

You’ll find 10 locations in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan but they say more hotspots are on their way.  How many out of service payphones are there in NYC? Try 13,000.  Let’s face it… the 21st century is here. Now I can do FaceTime in the city that never sleeps.

Wait, Apple said you can stream over 4G with their news iOS.  Never mind. I’ll find something to use free Wi-Fi.

You can click here to see the locations.

Rock forth, Mitch

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