Random Shots from CES

Here are some random shots from CES. I know, I know. They aren’t the most awesome shots but I’ve been crammed packed with checking stuff out. Here ya go. I’ll post more later.

Former co-host and former roommate and fellow geek Clayton Morris.  It was great catching up.

My producer Matt Doolittle.  We got matching Cookie Monster Cell Phone Covers.

I only wish they had more TVs here.

Bob Marley’s Family came out with new audio gear made from recycled products.  These are the new boom boxes that fit an iPhone or iPhone and have interchangeable gear that surrounds it.  I think we’ll be hearing more about this line soon.  I really was digging them.


I’m jealous.  So much for my focus.

Little Elvis has not left the building.

Getting geared up for the weather feed.

Green Hornet car.  They had 2 cars here.  One that was all shot up and one that was pristine.


That’s all for now!

Rock forth, Mitch

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