Protect yourself before you wreck yourself

passwordOne billion passwords and usernames. Yeah, it’s a big deal. Today on Good Morning San Diego, we had Daniel A. Libby on the show. He’s the Director and Chief Examiner for Digital Forensics. He’s also a former NSA guy.  Cool.

In the wake of the news of a Russian gang, calling themselves “CyberVor”, or cyber-thief in Russian, that stole 1.2 billion passwords, he stressed to get past laziness and change your password today… like NOW. Web browser Mozilla admits the developer password breach. Daniel suggested not even using a Mozilla browser until the problem has been fixed. The biggest problem with this issue will be email harvesting. That means you and millions of people will be getting spam sent to them, probably from your email address. That sucks!

This net breach is an opportunity to improve your password practices. Change your password. Don’t use the same password on the same websites. Don’t use obvious numbers for a password.

You know the deal.

Rock forth, Mitch

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