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Well, that fancy schmancy iPhone in your pocket will be archaic when the new iPhone 5 (we think it will be called) comes out soon.  And with all the anticipated features we’re looking forward to, here’s one that we aren’t: the alleged 19-pin Dock connector.

The little port that is at the bottom of your iPhone currently has 30 pins. With the advent of the new 19-pin connector, all of the devices you’ve been using to charge your phone will have to have an adapter or you’re SOL. The smaller connector will make room for the headphone jack on the bottom of the device.

Of course, this is all speculation. There have been an increasing number of reports have cropped up and we know how those things go.  It’s a crapshoot.

Are you PO’ed that this might be a reality? Do you use products, such as iHome products that have the 30 pin?  Is this just another way for Apple to make money with the new adapters if this story is a reality? Share your thoughts please.

Rock forth, Mitch

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  1. That would suck. I have 4 charges that fit current apple devices and love the convenience of just grabbing any of them when I travel. If Apple does this I have been looking at other phones and operating sytems. The new Ice Cream Sandwich is very impressive. Just sayin’

  2. Well gee Tom, that would make sense. Go to ice cream sandwich where all your droid devices use different connectors instead of one adapter that will be mass produced and cost a couple bucs until the all the third party companies make all their devices work with the new Apple products. Besides apple rarely ever leave their customers on the cold. Who knows maybe the new iPhone will come with an adapter…

  3. I’ve finally gotten to the point I have adapters everywhere that I can just plug in and go without having to move around plugs. And people say Microsoft and Bill Gates are evil… I never saw a PC get bricked because you installed a new OS on it!

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