Party in the USA for Labor Day

No, I don’t like Miley Cyrus.  Or is it Hannah Montana? The wig ALWAYS throws me off.  Anywho, this weekend is Labor Day as you well know, but if you’re like me you really have no plans that would entail anything of substance.  Well, if you drink you might have too much something of some substance.  But since I am sober one, I thought I’d lay out some fun, cheap and random things to do as you get three days off this weekend.  Feel free to pass these around as I am sure they will become traditions in years to come.

  • No fireworks show? Neverthemind!  Just blink like crazy, then shut them so tight and you’ll get a really cool fireworks show that no one else will get.
  • Randomly go up to strangers and say “Pookie say you look like Madonna”
  • Go to Walmart and sit in the parking lot angled towards the exit.  Create “back stories” on every person that comes out.  Discover their life and what they are planning on doing with the merchandise they just purchased.  Also, discuss their current relationship and the lovelife that accompanies it.
  • Eat pickles in front of someone and exclaim “I HATE CUCUMBERS”.
  • Tell every cashier and bag boy at your local grocer your current political affiliation.
  • Rent DVDs from Blockbuster and tell them you totally forgot to rewind but you are a kind person nevertheless.
  • Go through the toll booths you normally go through on the way to work and say to the tollbooth worker “Hey, ya lonely, guy?  Here’s a little something to keep ya going”
  • Explain to your kids that your spouse controls you because you’ve got to let him/her know that he/she can’t break you despite being a corporate lackey that tows the company line.
  • Sleep in.

Have any other great ideas? Share them with me!!

Rock forth, Mitch

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