On to Mad Town

I’m on the plane headed to Madison via Chicago. I’m flying American this time, and its not all that bad. Yeah! I know! See! I can take a pleasant flight. I’m sitting next to this small attractive lady that has slept the whole way. I’m in 19 B. Right on the wing. Its an aisle seat. Its ok. No loud kids. No old men with nasal problems. Life is good so far.
I even asked for a water and orange juice and they didn’t even look at me like I was trying to be special or something.
Ok, Ok, Ok. There is ONE thing. I think this plane is really old. Why do they have ash trays still in the bathroom and in the seats? you haven’t been able to smoke on the plane since the 80’s right? There was also some insulation or some kind of foam stuff that was coming off the dividers in the back. But I do like the fact they serve Dr. Pepper (even though I haven’t drank a soft
drink in over a month)
My next flight has me sitting in seat 1A. I think I’m flying the thing!


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Rock forth, Mitch

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