No Lying Roar

I tweeted that I got up early this morning to get ahold of the new OS x 10.8 for my Mac.  I had to wait a bit but I did eventually spend the $20 for the upgrade and waited an exhaustingly long hour to get it installed on my computer.  So now that I’ve had it under my fingertips for a few hours, I have to say “ehhh.”

I am excited about the transcriber for anything I need to type out.  It does amazingly well.  Just click the edit button at the top and then select start dictation and there it goes. All in all it works pretty well. One of the things I do not like, rather it freaks me out, is the fact that all of my voice dictation is sent to Apple. So that means you have to be online in order for dictation to work. It is pretty quick however faster than my iPhone will dictate.  They say it is supposed to make things easier and it will learn your voice. I am actually using the dictation to write this post. I should mention its easier to turn on dictation well by clicking the function button twice.

Airplay ROCKS! I was using it today and setup is so easy.  You do need to connect it to Apple TV, but its a button click away to getting it on my TV.  So simple, so easy.  Love it.

There are updates for Safari but I do not use it so I cannot really give you a good review on that.   If you are into the iCloud feature it is much like what you use on your iPhone. There’re simple very easy. When you start an app that lets you create documents, you’ll now have access to your iCloud projects no matter where you created them.

The game center is also new Mac OSx 10.8.  Am I only person that does not use game center? I suppose if you’re a gamer and you’re used to playing games on your iPhone/iPad and it should work out pretty well for you the updates however are not all that much to brag about.

Apple counted that there would be 200 new features keep in mind that is not necessarily the case. There will be more features released this fall much like the Facebook app that’ll allow you to post directly to Facebook once you’ve logged on. I am disappointed that that was not released as of yet. I believe they are going to integrate it right around the time the iPhone will have the Facebook feature.

Notifications, just like your iPhone, will be right there on your front screen. There is a little icon in the top right corner that will you to access any of your notifications. Is it me or does this sound like all of the things you can do on your iPhone? Yes. Circle gets the Square.

If you’re not a Mac person I would imagine that you found this post pretty boring. If you are a Mac views a user much like myself then you probably already know all about the Mac OS X 10.8. Just needed to put out there what’s going on just in case you didn’t know. I love talking to my computer as that’s what I’m doing right now.

You know MacBook Pro, sometimes you’re my only friend. (that was pathetic)

Tell me your thoughts if you’ve also downloaded the new Mac OSx 10.8. I’d love to hear what you have found useful and what is just a waste.  You are also allowed to dictate it. :^)


Rock forth, Mitch

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  1. Like your post. Don’t have a Mac yet, but hope to in the near future. Anything is better than Windows. Sheesh. Windows is good for games, but it’s always upgrading, and that gets old. Keep on postin. I love electronics, just ask my wife, I drive her nuts!

  2. Mitch, what is up with having to be on line to use dictation? If they are monitoring your words, isn’t that invasion of your privacy? What could they possibly need to know what you are dictating…..
    I love my MAC and IPhone but really?????

  3. Still using OS X 10.7.4. I’m sure I’m not using all the features in that. I have a seriously hard time accepting change. Quite frankly, the idea of having to be online for the transcriber is somewhat alarming. I agree with “Jeff”. I’d rather use Dragon software for that application. Anyway. thanks for the post. I was a Mac user…went to PC’s (because of work)…now I’m back to Mac (after retiring).

  4. Hi Mitch. Have you tried the Knoppix operating system? It’s fun and you can get it free at It’s computer operating
    system was assembled under the model of free and open source software and was first released on October 5, 1991 by Linus Torvalds.
    A new version, “Knoppix 7”, was just released about a month ago.

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