New Olympic Sport!

A professional Pole Dancer (stripper)

There is a huge movement to make Pole Dancing an Olympic Sport. 

  • imagine how proud their fathers are going to be
  • If the judges think you’re going home with him, you win Gold. 
  • To make sure there’s no performance enhancing drugs, they’ll be sure there’s a V-I-Pee room. 
  • at every competition, there’s a a $10 cover and two-drink minimum
  • Extra points for Tattoo placement, stage name and your lap dance dismount
  • It’s an event you can even watch as a couple… for an extra ten spot
  • The thrill of victory and the agony of ugly feet
  • three words – “Pommel Crazy Horse”
  • Opening Ceremonies has DJ explaining the “Touch and Go” Policy
  • The biggest obstacle to overcome – What Motley Crue song to use
  • Every four years – just like visitation rights!
  • Misty Mountains —the next Jim Thorpe!
  • Oddly, Poland doesn’t place well.


Rock forth, Mitch

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