VIDEO: New Meaning to “STAR WARS”

Greg Grunberg

Greg Grunberg, one of the coolest guys in the biz, was in town for Geekinomicon. Most recently known for the new Star Wars movie.  I met Grunny back in 2001 when he was doing Felicity and I was working in Salt Lake City for The WB affiliate there.  Since then, we’ve stayed in contact and even discovered we have mutual friends through the years.  He’s a genuine guy, personable and does a lot of work with Epilepsy awareness along with being the Founder of Band From TV Global Charity Trust. He’s the drummer of “Band From TV”, made up of other television stars including:  Bob Guiney,  Hugh Laurie, James Denton and Scott Grimes.  Back in ’01, he and I actually performed together at a station party, looooooooong before cell phone cameras/video!  Well, I just did my close-to-the-real-thing singing and he did the beat.  Good times.

Something I’m excited about his Greg’s new show on AMC called “Geeking Out”.  Check it out on AMC Sundays at Midnight. You can watch some episodes by clicking here.  He also has some pretty exciting stuff coming out soon too.

Anywho, in true Grunny style, he apparently needed to get up with me for something while he was in town.  This video pretty much explains that (PS- he also refers to my previous post. Give that a looksy too.)

Rock forth –

Rock forth, Mitch

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