Netflix wants to make sure you can chill…fast.

rate speed for Netflix fast

Netflix, the company that has changed the way we watch TV and movies wants to make sure that do it a high-quality speeds.

The media viewing website has launched and it basically will let you know how your internet is doing.  Its a simple site, easy-to-use and will let you know the download speed of any home network in just seconds.

Netflix’s goal is to make sure that consumers get a better idea, if not more control, of their internet service.  The best part about this new site – its free and you DON’T have to be a Netflix customer to use it.

The site calculates your computer’s download speed right when you go to  You don’t press any buttons and it will give you results in about 10 seconds.  It will also allow you to compare that result with – the standared in comparing internet speed.

The website is available for any device that’s connected to the internet… your computer, your tablet, your phone… whatever.

Try it out now for free.  Just click here. 

Strong work Netflix.  Let’s chill sometime.


Source: Netflix

Rock forth, Mitch

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