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If any of you know me personally, or maybe you watch the show, you know that I am a HUGE “Techy”.  I’m labeled the “Tech Geek” on the show and its actually a badge of honor for me.  I think I’ve always been that way since I was kid.  Technology amazes me.  Sometimes it confuses me. But that’s what I dig about it because it makes me learn more about a gadget and how it works.

So I was challenged by my friends at AT&T (I should mention that I was already an AT&T customer prior to this) to “Lose the Laptop Challenge”.  What? Give up my portal to the world? The one thing that I use everyday? The lifeline to me and the rest of the world?!?  After they told me to calm down, they said that they’ve got a great device that’s going to keep me connected but do it all in the palm of my hand.  They let me borrow the new HTC Tilt 2.  Almost everything that I would get from my laptop, I can get from the HTC.  Considering that I had a trip to Roswell, NM, I was intrigued as I wouldn’t have to lug around my laptop, but I could still get everything I needed.

I like a challenge.  However, after I set everything up, it wasn’t much of a challenge at all.  I was able to get email from all four of my email accounts.  INCLUDING my Microsoft Outlook info off of the company’s server.  The info was “pushed” to me, meaning, I didn’t have to go retrieve it.  Someone sends me an email to my work computer – boom – it goes to the HTC… even in Roswell, NM. (No alien interception) Very cool.

One feature that I dig is the fact the the Tilt 2 actually looks like a laptop.  It folds open with the “monitor” or in case the screen is facing to me and the keyboard is open.  You might have seen it on my desk in the Weather Center opened as such.  The Bluetooth connectivity allowed me to hook up my BT earpiece and it was super fast.  No lag time. The apps I was able to download allowed me to stay connected with Facebook and Twitter, which y’all know I am on 23 out of 24 hours a day!

So, I lost my laptop.  Not literally, I know exactly where its at but for one week I had it all in my hand.  This phone is great for anyone that needs to have that connectivity with them.  Whether its a mom that wants to take some really cool pictures, have easy access to them, or may want to check the email the teacher sent to her about the kid’s homework.  Its all there.  On the road, in the house.

      Now, hopefully that will give you a good idea what the HTC Tilt 2 can do.  Now there’s a way for YOU to see what ELSE it can do for you.  Including a chance to win FIVE GRAND. Yeah.  That’s $5000.  Here’s the skinny: Go to . Read up on what some real life parents and even some small business bloggers have been “losing the laptop” over the last four months. All you have to do is vote for your favorite blogger and then YOU enter for your chance to win $5,000.  Yeah.  YOU can win the five grand.  Even cooler, they’re letting you vote once per day so that’s going to increase your odds of winning.  If you have one of those Tilt2s, tell them all the cool things you do from your phone like I did.  (Don’t worry, I can’t win the $5000 so you and I aren’t competing!)   If you don’t have an HTC Tilt2 smartphone yet, tell them why you want a Tilt2 device and how its going to help you “Lose the Laptop”.  Good luck. Have some fun with it.


Rock forth, Mitch

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