Mindy’s Good News- Here’s why I do what I do

Ok, so The Daily Buzz had a contest where we were looking for kids to be our “Cub Reporter”. They had auditions and the winner would report on stories that would air on the show.
Our winner, Mindy, is being taped at the very moment that she found out that she won. This is an honest and sincere moment.

When I watch this, it answered the question as to why do I get up at 2 am, drag my butt into work only to act like a jackass for three hours on national television. Watch this and listen to what she says around 1:45 into it. My hand to the heavens, I freaking welled up in tears and on the day I am going on vacation (today) I now would rather work. Don’t tell the suits that though. I’ll still take a vacation.


Rock forth, Mitch

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