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We’re always looking for an extra set of hands, right? When it comes to our iPad, that extra set of hands really comes in nice when we’re on a plane, at a desk or just when we, well, need an extra set of hands.  This year at CES I was introduced to Felix.  Though “Felix” sounds like a great name for a guy, its actually a great name for a company that has a “hands on” approach to monkey business.  (I’ll explain).

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 3.08.32 PMFelix has TwoHands and its the perfect travel stand. This lightweight, travel clip goes right onto your tablet, iPad or eReader. Its easy to slide to the TwoHands to make the absolute perfect angle. Since its small and lightweight, it fits in your pocket, purse, bag or in my case, a backpack.  It will also work in portrait and landscape mode.   The first thing my wife asked when she saw it was if it came in different colors.  Yes, it does, Red, Green, Pink, Blue, Black & White.  THEN she asked when she gets it.  So, needless to say, its now hers.

What I enjoy about TwoHands is the fact that it also clips on to my iPhone.  Yes, it looks a little awkward with the dimensions, but it works great.  Sometimes I don’t have my iPad around and I’M JUST THAT LAZY to hold my iPhone up while I’m watching a video.  TwoHands is available on Felix’s website and they will run you just under $25.


Now on to some monkey business.  This can be really fun too.  Meet Felix’s MonkeyDo ( I prefer to think of it as “Monkey See Monkey Do” instead of, well, “Monkey Doo”  Flashbacks of online videos of bored monkeys at a zoo come to mind.  However, it apparently is a smart thing to “do.”)  MonkeyDo is a great tool for those of us that want a more permanent set up with our iPad.  Especially if you’re the type that uses your iPad with a keyboard.  This cute little guy is great  for when you need  different angles and a firm grip.  It’ll work great with your iPad2 and other smaller tablets.   It will also work in portrait and landscape mode.

MonkeyDo is available on Felix’s website and costs just under $20.  Both products are shipped to you with lots of love.  Speaking of their site, I always prefer and like sites that are more personable and easy to navigate. made me feel like I was dealing with people that know they have a great product and that simplicity with great design equals a happy customer.  Check them out!

Felix products are also available at your local Staples.


Rock forth, Mitch

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  1. Saw you on the news this morning, and had to check out your blog. I wanted to read more about that app you were talking about, but I found this article instead. Cool idea – off to check Felix (after subscribing to your feed of course!). Thx!

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