Long time No Blog

Looks like I’ve fallen behind on my blogging… please forgive.
I’m going to Walt Disney MGM Studios this Friday for the kick off of the “STAR WARS WEEKENDS”. Ok, I love the Star Wars. It was a total trip taking my son to see Episode 1 and explaining everything to him. He’s into it too. I like the movie(s) but I don’t think I’d ever go as overboard as what I have been seeing lately. Sure this is the final movie (so its’ been said) and since I was a kid we’ve all been waiting for this…now its here. My question is, what are all these Star Wars Fans going to do? I mean, it’s over. Nothing to look forward to. Nothing to contemplate over. Nothing to live for… and I mean live for.
Lucas is a genius, I’ll admit it. Let’s try something new, George. But don’t do it for me, do it for the children.

Mitch out
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Rock forth, Mitch

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3 Comments on Long time No Blog

  1. I agree Mitch… now maybe he’ll start working on that damn Indiana Jones sequel I’ve been waiting years to see. At least those films are entertaining as hell!

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