Jim is my new hero

I’ve recently started to appreciate the true talents of Jim Carrey. While I have been a fan for quite some time, I now consider him an inspiration. Not because he is such an amazing talent, but the fact that he is a guy that truly paid his dues, but the fact that he believed in himself at such an early age and his father was such an inspiration to him. I believe that is why he is the success in life. Its something that I have slowly understand. Now that I have teenagers, I realize that it really doesn’t matter what they want to do in life, as long as it doesn’t contradict the moral values that I am trying to instill. Anyway, after I saw this video, I realized that in all of its simplicity, it is truly very funny that makes me laugh. I’ve showed it to other people and they “don’t get it”. This furthers my belief that I have a unique sense of humor sometimes and so many people don’t “get me”.

I tried to embed it on this post, but apparently whoever runs Jim’s YouTube Page doesn’t want anyone to embed it, so please go to this link to see it: Click here to view

ALSO! He has the most amazing website I have ever seen. Being a novice web designer myself, I really dig it. Check it out, its worth it: Jim Carrey’s Website

He’s also on Twitter at Jim’s Twitter (click the bird with Jim’s head on it on his site and it will take you there too)



One more thing, he’s dating one of the coolest chicks in Hollywood.  Love her, Here’s Why:

Rock forth, Mitch

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