I’m going to lose my Man Card

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This is NOT a ‘Battle of the Sexes” story. I’m coming clean to the ladies. My Uncle passed something on to me that I found quite true. Men are just happier people. Why? We’re just simple. I’m talking in the terms of things we worry about. He gave me some great examples too.


If we don’t know the name of someone that we should, we have the built-in nickname of “Buddy.”  However, when it comes to their real friends, we all have nickname like “Fat Ass”, “Stinky” or the occasional “Dead Tooth.” Find out what happens if women ever do that.  Make sure you have a video camera ready.  The problem is that men will continue to call the guy “Buddy” or something of that nature, until we hear someone else call him by his real name. Basically, we don’t go out of our way to find out a name unless we think that person can do something to benefit us.


Guys will go for whatever is the easiest when it comes to the bill at dinner. Meaning, whatever the largest denomination of money is in their wallet, goes right on the table. Its more so when the waitress is  hot.  Women love to do the math and make the division of the tab into a nice even, fair amount.


Men just want to just finish an argurment. However, we don’t realize that its not over if you say the very last word. It’s still an argument. I’ve also learned one thing. When I am asked “WHAT?” it’s not because she didn’t understand what I said, she’s wondering why I even said it.


Even if you’re the best Dad in the world, it’s Mom that knows everything about the kids. I just know stuff like “pick him up at school.” She knows, where to go, what time the bell is, what part of the parking lot he’ll be waiting, the name of the Principal if he’s no there and she’ll know to ask if he ate his lunch she prepared. She knows this because we stop by Taco Bell on the way home.


I’m telling ya, I have hard enough time remembering character’s names in movies… while I am watching the movie. Women have the uncanny ability to remember every detail. If they’ve forgotten the name of a certain character, they can tell you, in detail what they were wearing, their eye color, the style of their hair, and purse and/or accessory they had in one of any scene they were in.  They can go on to recite to you the decor of the room, clothes in a closet and they are very keen on picking out any chemistry between two characters in a scene.  We’re talking about our Hero talking to the Front Desk girl when he’s checking in to the hotel.

I am not throwing in the towel here. Its just honesty. Men have it better off and since we know all of this, guess what? We’re actually smarter because of it. Why? By playing the underlings, we just sit back and have women find ways to make us better human beings. I believe in most cultures, this process is called “laziness” on our part, but in the end, its why we love you so much.

There’s got to be some other unrealized differences between men and women that you know of. What are your scenerios?

Rock forth, Mitch

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  1. The point system. Women always say things like “You gained points for doing that” or “That cost you some points”. So do these “points” actually determine how much they love a man?
    Whereas a man either loves a woman or doesn’t love her. He forgives her when she wrongs him, or he doesn’t, and he moves on.
    Plain and simple.

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