I’m freaking out a little…

Ok, if any of you know me, you know that I am a huge pizza lover.  I guess you don’t have to know me, you just have to look at me..AND SO.  But my family has a tradition and we’ve had it for years, that we have pizza every Friday night.  Since I’m the Dad, I get to pick where it comes from.  Its just one of the many benefits that come from being a breeder.  Anywho, I heard this week that one of my favorite things in the world will be getting an overhaul.  I’m talking Domino’s Pizza.  I was so intrigued by this news that I called Domino’s Corporate to get someone on the show to talk about it.  Could this be the next Coke debacle that we saw in the 80s?  Domino’s says no.  I believe them too.

What I love about Dominos, or at least when I worked there, was their business model: Keep It Simple, Stupid.  Meaning – Pizza and Coke.  Thats it.  Ownership has changed and so has the philosophy.  I get it, you have to stay competitive.

I grew up Pizza.  My parents owned a pizza place when I was in in High School.  My dad was an executive at Domino’s when I was younger.  I’m crossing my fingers for this change. After all… Change is good sometimes.  I’ll let you know on the first Pizza night in the new year.

PS- I haven’t and NEVER will call Pizza “Za”.
PPS- I used the old Domino’s logo because it brings me good memories.



Rock forth, Mitch

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  1. I make the best pizza dough ever. The dough is crispy and thin as a dime. Not sure if it's supposed to be, but I only learned to cook after the age of 40. Still, it tastes terrific. Mitch, you are so, so funny cute!

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