GPS For Your Windshield

hudwayI came across a cool navigation app for your iPhone.  It’s called Hudway.  I currently use the free app Waze pretty much anywhere I drive these days.  I really like the fact that it tells me about hazards on the road and the fact it’ll let me know where there is a cop hiding to check my speed.  What I like about Hudway is its functionality.

Like most GPS systems in cars, the app will get you where you’re going.  This app, however, goes one further and will turn your iPhone (and soon Android device) into a heads-up display that can be viewed on your windshield at night.  The app works like any other GPS app on your iPhone; type in your destination and it’ll give you the route.  Once you put Hudway on your dashboard face up, it reflects to your windshield.  It’ll show you the route ahead and your speed.


Cons: #1- you have to use the device at night to get the reflection feature, though its still a good GPS system.  (I’d use Waze during the day.)  #2- keeping your device still on your dashboard isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do.  You probably have to buy a device that will stabilize the phone on your dashboard.  #3- Yes, its free, but then they want you to “go pro” with in app purchases.  You also have to deal with ads at the bottom of the screen. Check out the video below as it will lay it all out for you.

Will I use it? Probably, but don’t expect it on familiar trips…during the daytime.



PS- If you’re on Waze too, look me up!


Rock forth, Mitch

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