Highway Spellcheck

I have to travel Hwy 50 from Orlando to Brooksville whenever I have to go to the In-Laws. For years I make this journey and the one thing that has bothered me through these years (which has got to be at least 20) is this sign.
The town “Weeki Wachee” is misspelled. Every time I drive by I wonder if the Hicks that put this sign up would fix it to no avail. I have images In my mind of how I would get 3 pieces of white tape to turn that “I” into an “E”. I’m dead serious. Finally, I had to rant about it and so now I have. Maybe I should just let it go but I mean, come on, we can’t fix this.

BTW- Weeki Wachee is not only a city but it’s also the city of live mermaids. I know because my wife was once a mermaid there. If you don’t believe me, Google “Weeki Wachee”

Rock forth, Mitch

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  1. This sign is so funny, I always think the same thing when I pass it too! But it has been that way most of my life, and I do laugh when I see it!:)

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