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Well, it looks like LAUGHDANCE will be postponed until 2007. That’s too bad too, because it would have been a great festival. There might be some movement late ’06, so I’ll make sure that I keep you in touch.
I am, however, still going to be in Park City, Utah anyway, and theres another festival that I will be attending. Something called Sundance or something. Anyway, there are usually some great breakout movies that play at Sundance. Napoleon Dynamite was one of those films. I am happy to say I was out there for that one. Sundance has turned into the “place to be seen” more than a film festival. I hope to see some celeb-e-friends. It’ll be fun.
Anyway, if you’re in Park City, or Salt Lake City, or Utah for that matter, be sure to let me know. I have TONS of stuff to do, and hopefully I will be able to keep you up-to-date with what all I am going to be doing. I might even post a few audio interviews on the blog. I’ll be out there for 9 days: 19 Jan – 28 Jan. Let’s hook it up…


Rock forth, Mitch

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