Getting All Up In Being Safe

Being a Weatherman/Weather Geek, I understand the importance of safety and how important it is to get weather information out in a quick and timely manner.  I also know that I have to get up at 2am every morning.  It looks like

The iLuv iMM183

the best of two worlds have collided.  The iLuv iMM183 gives you the confidence that you’ll know about severe weather while you’re sleeping or throughout the day while waking you up in the morning (or whenever) no matter what it looks like outside.  The fact that the iMM183 has pre-programmed NOAA-supported channels and allows you to store up to 10 alert messages makes it perfect for the bad weather season.  The fact that I can hook my and my wife’s iPhone or iPod to charge or hear music is a HUGE bonus.

So basically, there’s no reason for me NOT to go to bed worried that I won’t have juice in my iPhone or if I slept through any severe weather.   If you’re worried that maybe you’re in part of the house that’s not getting a good signal, don’t worry. Theere’s a no reception warning if no reception is present for 10 days.

Now, what about that annoying setting the time situation.  Press the time sync button and put your iPhone in the charger – BOOM, its syncing the time to the device automatically.  Very cool.  Very. It also features a FM radio so I can crank up the Classic Rock if I’m just wanting to jam.  Incredible sound too.  I listen to some streaming programming on my iPhone and I’m able to continue to hear it while its docked.

I’m not in love with the dimmer switch or the “snooze” option or turning the alarm off in the morning.  Though I can easily hit the snooze button on the top of the device, its hard to decipher what button to press to turn the alarm off all together.

I’ve had a Sony ICF CL75ip Clock radio before that allowed me to dock my cell phone and it was supposed to play

Sony ICF CL75ip Clock radio

video and play my music.  I forked out close to $150 for this thing and “disappointed” is far too moderate to explain how I felt about this thing.  It would lock up.  The alarm wouldn’t go off.  In order to get video to play, you had to backdoor the video player to trick it in playing it.  The slideshow for all the pictures I had in it would lock up. The set up for this thing was beyond bad.  All in all, it was probably the worst tech buy I’ve ever made.  I tell this story because the iLuv has come through time after time and it gives me all those options with the exception of the video.  Which, by the way, is really something I have no desire to really use when I’m laying in bed trying to sleep.

Get the iLuv, its worth it if you have an iPhone.


I was not compensated for this review.

Rock forth, Mitch

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