Gettin’ Geeky with Mitch 23 Nov

Getting ready for the travel are you? I’ve got some cool stuff that you can take along with you that will make the trip a little less worrisome.  I’ll get right to it! My friends at Scosche sent me some cool gadgets that will make the road and the stay in the hotel a little better.

First up, its the Scosche Handsfree & Streaming Audio car kit.  It’ll keep you safe on the road so you’re not fiddling with your cell phone.  It simply plugs directly into your vehicle’s MP3/AUX input to give you handsfree phone conversations to play through your speakers.  You can also use the one touch voice dialing with most Bluetooth cellular phones.  Simple connection to your other Bluetooth makes it even easier and don’t worry about your phone going dead because it’ll charge it too.

The Scosche Scosche docking home/travel charger is one of those devices that you can’t live without if you travel with a bunch of rechargeable gadgets.  While this one will charge your iPod or iPhone without the hassle and mess of cords, it also has a USB port for charging additional devices.  Scared of the dark in those hotel rooms? The LED nightlight will make you feel all better and right at home.  For more info, head to

Next up is one of those devices that make you say “Huh.  Why didn’t I think of that?”  It’s the TrtlBot  minimalist 4.  I HATE having my pants loaded down with my phone, my wallet and my keys.  This gadget will hold 1 to 3 ID/Credit Cards in the back of your cell phone.  That means, you can call the cab and pay for it too! It also protects iPhone from damage.  And hey, since its made out of recycled plastic bottles, you’ll feel good about doing something for Mother Earth.  Check out for more details

Finally, finding (and sometimes praying that it’ll come out) your luggage at the airport just got easier.  How many times have you thought that a certain piece of luggage was yours only to deal with the embarrassment of it not being yours or ever showing up in the first place?  Happens to me all the time.  The old way was to put a gaudy ribbon around your luggage to identify it as yours.  What if your luggage could actually let you know its nearby? Ok, check this out.  TheEasy2pick flashing luggage tag is pretty unique in the fact that after you attach it to the handle of your luggage and send it on its way, it’ll will start flashing for you when it comes out on the baggage claim! It contains 16 different combinations of colors
allows you to set the color of flashes however you prefer. Get this, it has a built in photo electric sensor that senses when it is in the cargo of the plane.  It also measures factors such as light, altitude & noise so you don’t have to worry about it going off on the plane.
The Easy2pick Luggage Finder takes it one step further, just like the flashing tag, you attach the luggage tag transmitter to your bag and it will notify you when your luggage is within 90 feet of you! A series of beeps, flashes, and vibrations sent to a wireless keychain receiver. That way the relief of your luggage making it to your destination is gone.  Check out for more details.


That’s it for this week! Have a great holiday and travel safe!
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  1. Can you email me the top 10 conversations over the TSA security updates. That was the funniest I’ve every heard. I’m 50 yrs young and heard a lot of them. Keep up the great work! We’re watching you!

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