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Being a husband, being a Dad, being a dude, I have to find what to do when I get a little time to myself.  Now, knowing how much of a Tech Geek I am, I peruse the iPhone Apps searching for those must-have apps that will give me some entertainment while the wife is shopping for handbags and I sit in the food court sipping on an icy cold Diet Coke.  Being a gamer, EA sports puts out some top notch stuff.  On my XBOX, online… and now on my iPhone.
Check it- its the new POGO iPhone/iPod App.  POGO has been around on the net since 1998.  ( ).  Cool games and a little competition (you know, to give you a little motivation).  The cool part is the fact that the games offered on the app are free.  There’s five of them:  Word Whomp,  Turbo 21, Poppit, Sweet Tooth 2 and Mahjong Safari.  I fancied myself to Turbo 21 but now I’m addicted to Word Whomp.  Easy, fun games that will keep a tally of how you’re doing altogether.  Imagine the kids no longer bored on those road trips.  Waiting in the 10 items or less line where the guy ahead of you has 50 items.  And imagine getting out of that loooooong staff meeting and you just need a little stress relief.  Nice.

Anyway, check it out, it’s in the Top 5 free apps in the iPhone App store.  You can also find it on Facebook and play there too.  More info, just click here. Let me know your scores.  I’d like to know how I’m doing too!

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Rock forth, Mitch

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