FUN with Picture Mail!

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Yeah, I know, I am probably going to hell for this one.  I was at the Hawaiian Tropic/Hooters Regional Swimsuit contest this past weekend and I had my new picture phone with me.  I was taking the usual goofy pictures, and even some of Richie McPeak acting the fool.  These guys that were sitting at the table in front of us were having a good time too.  It was almost as fun to watch them as it was watching the contest going on. 

So this guy stands up and I noticed he peed his pants or something.  You should have seen how fast I was trying to get my phone to turn on “camera mode”.  It was like one of those horror films where you couldn’t get the keys in the door fast enough.  I couldn’t get the thing to work. Everyone was yelling “HURRY!! HURRY!!”  Finally, here’s the picture I took.  Please laugh at it.  It will make it all worth the guilt I feel for putting up on this page.


Rock forth, Mitch

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