Flight back: Better Airline, Better Seat

Well, I’m on my flight back from Los Angeles and headed home to Orlando. If you read the preceding post you know that I was seated in the last possible row headed out to LaLa Land. This flight back has me much closer to the front. Yay. What’s cool about this seat is the fact that it has a much better view. Why’s that? Seated in the row directly in front of me is Nancy Odell. Nancy co-hosts Access Hollywood with Billy Bush. She seems cool, I assume she is with her husband, and other than ordering a Coca Cola to drink, she hasn’t done or said anything notable to mention on my lame blog. Why would she? She’s human! However, believe it or not, its hard for me to talk to people don’t know. I think most people think that would be something
easy for me but its quite the contrary. Its an obstacle that I am actually getting help with. Anyway, being aware of the that fact, I muster up the courage to say “Hello Nancy” as we were getting seated. We had made eye contact and I went in for the kill. She simply said “Well, Hello” with a gorgeous smile and that was it. It was actually an excercise in breaking down walls for me, and for
her it was nothing more than getting recognized by a viewer (I prefer her show over ET anyday).
See, I have been accused of being “snobby” by people that recognize me in the store or whatever, and I’m really shocked when I hear about it in an email or if my coworkers tell me that someone told them. I am not trying to be that way, I just don’t really know what to say when someone says “Daily Buzz Dude!” outside of saying “hello” back. Though really “Daily Buzz Dude!” isn’t really a
greeting more than just an exclamation. I WANT to be more outgoing in one-on-one conversations. I WANT to be guy that is always funny (or tries to be). Its just very difficult being outside my box. I’m much more comfortable in front of the crowd than I am one-on-one. That’s me, and hey, I said I was working on it.
That’s why I get amazed when I see my friend Michael B in action. He hung out with me this weekend and this guy can go up to anyone and automatically he’s your best friend. Good guy. This weekend has been very helpful to me just watching him meeting people and going for me going one-on-one with the stars of Pirates of the Caribbean I…very uneasy for me. I felt like a bumbling fool
with Johnny Depp.
By the way, Jerry Bruckheimer is now up there with Ted Turner…the dude just rocks.

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The back of Nancy Odell’s head.

Rock forth, Mitch

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