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I love this stuff.

I thought of this idea on the show around 5am this morning. I got with Brad (Producer in the Chicken Costume) to coordinate the camera shot, the details on who would produce it, yadda yadda yadda.
Sam The Milk Man was going to run the camera. Around 7:00, he tells me that he’s doing the camera and he “knows the deal” which in my mind means he’s in on the joke. So, 8:08 comes around, everyone is in their places and we go into the bit, so far so good. We walk into the control room and he keeps the camera on me. He said that he was turning up the iris (Which would make it to where you can see in the dark room). Literally, standing next to him is the giant chicken. I do not know why he is not taking the shot, the timing is now off, so I grab the camera and take the shot of the the giant chicken/producer.
I suppose hilarity wouldn’t have ensued anyway, but it was something that would be fun to do and out-of-the-ordinary. Its not comedy gold, but its fun at least.

I suppose the bit actually came off better because of it, as you could laugh at the fact that A- it was a failed bit and B- there is a guy in a chicken costume that has been waiting to do this bit since 5 am.

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  1. I very rarely get to see the show anymore because of my work schedule, but I caught Monday and Tuesday.I actually thought the delayed payoff was hilarious. The only thing that would have made it funnier (for me) was if it had been Biggart in the chicken suit.

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